Sex video: Sacked EKSU lecturer alleges frame-up, threatens litigation


Embattled lecturer in the Department of Accountancy at the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Olola Aduwo, who was axed by the institution for his alleged involvement in a viral sex video, has threatened to drag the institution to court over what he described as his “unjust dismissal”.


Aduwo said the university management falsely accused him of sexually harassing a female student of the institution. For this reason, he described the members of the panel set up to investigate the matter as biased and accused them of attempting to tarnish his image.



The sacked lecturer, in a statement entitled, ‘My dismissal from the service of EKSU not acceptable’ and made available to our correspondent in Ado Ekiti on Monday, said, “The university falsely stated that I lured the said lady to a hotel where the alleged sexual harassment took place, whereas, the said lady burst into my house with police and other miscreants when I was with a friend to frame me up”.


EKSU Governing Council had on December 5, 2019 at its 135th meeting approved the recommendations of the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee (Academics) that recommended Aduwo’s dismissal from the service of the university, stating that the lecturer admitted to the allegations of sexual harassment and confirmed the authenticity of the report indicting him.


Last June, a video, which went viral on the social media, showed a group of people molesting the lecturer for allegedly sexually harassing a female student.


But the embattled lecturer said in the statement, “At no point in time during my appearance before the panel did I confirm that I was guilty or admitted to the allegations of sexual harassment against my person. I did not at any time confirm any authentication of the preliminary report of the panel.



“In fact, I want to state categorically clear that the panelists were not only biased in their conduct, but they have made a calculated attempt to tarnish my image and bring me into disrepute.


“It is disappointing that a notable university like EKSU will descend so low to this level of character assassination and palpable falsehood. The proceeding at the trial was video recorded and a copy of the video clip is with the university. I challenge the university to produce a copy of the video clip and show where I admitted committing the alleged offence.




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