Minister of education reveals how challenging it was to understand his ministry

- Adamu Adamu, Nigeria's minister of education, has reportedly said that it took him over a year to understand how the ministry works during his first appointment - Adamu made this known during his first interaction with staff of the ministry immediately after his inauguration


The minister of education, Adamu Adamu, on Wednesday, August 21, reportedly said that it took him a year and half to understand how the federal Ministry of Education works during his first appointment. Adamu made this known after the inauguration ceremony presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday, August 21

The statement was at the ministry on Adamu’s brief resumption with the minister of state for education, Emeka Nwajuiba. The two were welcome with excitement by members of the ministry when they reportedly arrived at around 2:45pm.

Adamu said he has worked closely with former minister of state, Anthony Anwukah, to put together a ministerial strategic plan before the expiration of their first tenure.

“We had laboured over the time on the strategic plan for the education and only to the point of implementation then we had to leave. I had the opportunity to remind President Muhammadu Buhari that the nation was expecting so much from him.

“When we were sent here the first tenure, it took me one and half year to understand the ministry, it also took me as a surprise when I was re-assigned to the Ministry of Education.

“I had thought I would be sent to another ministry where I would have to learn all over again. Now, I know that I am coming back to a family,” he said.

The minister of education said that he hopes there will be smooth collaboration between all members of the ministry with him.


The minister of state, who was the chairman of board of the Tertiary Education Trustfund said he was comfortable with the ministry.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the minister of agriculture and rural development, Sabo Nanono, warned that he will not tolerate indiscipline and lackadaisical attitude to work as a minister


While directing all staff to be on their toes working, he said: “I have worked in the public and private sectors and I know how people work in the two sectors.”



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