i-FAIR Israel-Nigeria Grand Finale 2020/2021



At the grand finale held at Skill “G” Innovation Center from 2nd to 3rd June 2021, Fellows of i-FAIR exhibited and pitched their prototypes to prospective investors, who were impressed by the various innovations and expressed willingness to invest.

Congratulations to i-FAIR 2020/21 Fellows, we hope their success inspires others, and products deployed for industrial uptake, as we look forward to grooming the next generation of innovators and inventors at i-FAIR 2021/22.

Introduction to RescuePlus

Most cases in automobile accidents, lives are lost due to no or delayed response to post accident victims. They tend to loss blood or get unconscious and die due to inefficient emergency response. Traditionally, such accidents are reported by eye witness or via social media.

RescuePlus is a Smart Intelligent Digitized Device that automatically sends signals of the location of an auto accident scene to rescue operatives and loved ones after a negligible feedback response from its victim after in occurs.

This solution saves lives by decreasing the time required for information to reach emergency responders. The system employs the use of smart sensors to detect car crashes and reports the exact time and location of the accident to the relation of the victim and emergency responders for rescue. It will also enable collaborative driving which helps other users to generate road/ traffic status and conditions to people within their network. It will create reliable and accurate data for the government to make policies, address infrastructural deficits and challenges on different road facilities.

Watch video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqwJZYsWM4A

By Daniel Eneh

Electronics and Artificial Intelligence

Skill ‘G’ Innovation Center, Airport Road, Abuja

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